Hello all Wwoofers out there!

Now, we don't have a farm, but we have some animals and we do a lot of organic construction as well as setting up an organic garden going further with the idea of permaculture and including the house, garden, animals, people etc..

Therefore we have to work all around the house and garden. We want to try to figure out a life style which can combine a sustainable way of living still being active in the present life. We need people doing all kinds of works and this summer we are looking for some wwoofers who would like to help to do one clay rooms and help paint the house with chalk.
We will also set up some raised beds and make a medieval garden around it.

One of our porches will be covered with wood and some clay walls. Then we want to install plants and create paintings around that.

So, if you're interested, we would love to have you around from July till the end of August.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Take care, Gabi

PS. We speak French, German and English.